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September 19, 2023

GOES-East Daily Loop

Hurricane Nigel’s Large Eye Swirls

On August 19th, 2023 Hurricane Nigel’s large eye swirls over the North Atlantic.

More imagery of Nigel can be found on its event page.

Daily Loop - History

Date Title
September 19, 2023Hurricane Nigel’s Large Eye Swirls
September 18, 2023The Full Journey of Hurricane Lee
September 13, 2023The Barkly Fire Grows Toward Tennant Creek
September 12, 2023Storm Daniel Makes Devastating Landfall in Libya
September 7, 2023Lightning Surges Around Hurricane Jova’s Eye
September 5, 2023Mount Shishaldin Volcanic Eruption
August 30, 2023Intense Eyewall Convection as Idalia Heads Towards Florida
August 29, 2023Hurricane Idalia Approaches Florida as a Dangerous Storm
August 28, 2023Franklin Maintains Category 4 Strength
August 27, 2023Tropical Storm Idalia Forms Near the Yucatan Peninsula
August 23, 2023Tropical Systems Swirl Around Dominant Ridge
August 21, 2023Hurricane Hilary’s Extraordinary Journey to North American West Coast
August 19, 2023Hurricane Hilary Rides Up North American West Coast
August 17, 2023Wildfire Near British Columbia, Washington Border Produces Pyrocumulonimbus Cloud
August 16, 2023A Trio of Tropical Storms in the Eastern Pacific
August 16, 2023Remarkable Amount of Lightning Surrounds Hurricane Fernanda’s Eye
August 14, 2023Smoke Drifts Across Oregon From Fires
August 11, 2023Typhoon Lan Shows an Impressive, Clear Eye
August 9, 2023Wildfires in Maui, Hawaii Prompt Evacuations
August 8, 2023Outflow Boundaries Produced From Collapsing Storms
August 7, 2023Severe Squall Line Slams Mid-Atlantic US
August 4, 2023Hurricane Dora Strengthens to a Category Four Storm
August 3, 2023Fascinating View of Actinoform Cloud Swirling in Southeast Pacific
August 2, 2023Low Pressure System Traverses the North Pole and Arctic Ice Sheet
August 1, 2023Tropical Storm Dora Intensifies in the Eastern Pacific
July 31, 2023Typhoon Khanun Approaches East China Sea
July 26, 2023Severe Storms Bring Strong Winds to Midwest
July 25, 2023High Resolution View of Super Typhoon Doksuri’s Impressive Eye
July 21, 2023Tropical Storm Don Swirls over North Atlantic
July 19, 2023Barrage of Rain and Storms Floods Western Kentucky
July 18, 2023Tropical Storm Calvin Approaches Hawaii
July 7, 2023Morning Thunderstorms Race Across Oklahoma
July 6, 2023Gravity Waves and von Karman Vortices Dance off Baja California Coast
June 29, 2023Derecho Marches Across Midwest United States
June 28, 2023Hurricane Adrian Forms in the Eastern Pacific
June 27, 2023Powerful Supercell in Southern Wyoming andNebraska
June 26, 2023Severe Storms Wreak Havoc in the Midwest
June 15, 2023Cyclone Biparjoy Moves Ashore in India and Pakistan
June 14, 2023Storms Produce Destructive Tornadoes and Monster Hail in the Southeast US
June 13, 2023Smoke Wraps Around Low Pressure System over Midwest
June 12, 2023Severe Storms Drop Big Hail in Texas
June 9, 2023A Week of Smoke in North America
June 8, 2023The Kilauea Volcano Awakens
June 7, 2023Thick Wildfire Smoke Arrives in New York and New Jersey
June 6, 2023Coastal Low Steers Heavy Smoke into Northeast United States
June 5, 2023Thick Smoke from Quebec Wildfires Pours into Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
June 2, 2023Tropical Storm Arlene Forms in the Gulf of Mexico
June 1, 2023Invest 91L Swirls in Gulf of Mexico, High Chance of Tropical Cyclone Formation
May 30, 2023Fires in Nova Scotia Force Thousands to Evacuate
May 26, 2023Jaw Dropping Imagery of Super Typhoon Mawar
May 25, 2023von Karman Vortices Hypnotize off of Guadalupe Island
May 24, 2023Typhoon Mawar Batters Guam with Torrential Rains and Powerful Winds
May 23, 2023Super Typhoon Mawar’s Powerful Eye
May 22, 2023Large Smoke Swirl Arrives in North Central United States
May 19, 2023Numerous Wildfires Continue to Burn across Western Canada
May 18, 2023Low Pressure System Approaches New Zealand
May 17, 2023Smoke Fills Skies from Plains to East Coast
May 16, 2023Large Smoke Plume Stretches across North America
May 15, 2023Cyclone Mocha Makes Landfall in Myanmar
May 12, 2023Tornadic Storms Swirl around Low Pressure in Nebraska
May 11, 2023Cyclone Mocha Forms in Bay of Bengal
May 10, 2023Hail-Producing Severe Storms Erupt over Colorado
May 9, 2023Alberta Smoke Reaches Northeast United States
May 6, 2023Cluster of Large Wildfires Ablaze in Alberta, Canada
May 4, 2023Gravity Waves and Cumulus Clouds over the Mid-Atlantic U.S.
May 3, 2023Cut-off Low Swirls and Drifts along California Coastline
May 2, 2023Smoky Skies over Southern Mexico
May 2, 2023Broad Low Pressure System Brings Precipitation to Midwest and East
April 28, 2023Line of Severe Storms Forms in Texas
April 27, 2023Beautiful von Karman Vortices Slither off of Guadalupe Island
April 26, 2023Thunderstorms Produce Accumulating Hail along Florida’s West Coast
April 25, 2023Thunderstorm Complex Forms in Texas, Pushes across Gulf
April 24, 2023Dust Storm Charges across West Texas
April 21, 2023Solar Eclipse Passes over Oceania
April 20, 2023Tornadic Storms Erupt in Oklahoma
April 19, 2023Impressive, Large Dust Storm Sweeps across China
April 18, 2023Low Pressure System Approaches Pacific Northwest
April 17, 2023Mid-Latitude Cyclone Sweeps across United States
April 12, 2023Cyclone Ilsa Strengthens as it Approaches Australia
April 11, 2023Intense Convection within Tropical Cyclone Ilsa
April 11, 2023Explosive Eruption of the Shiveluch Volcano
April 7, 2023Explosive Eruption of Bezymianny Sends Ash Plume over North Pacific
April 5, 2023Deadly Overnight Tornado Strikes Southeast Missouri
April 5, 2023Tornadic Storms Erupt across Midwest
April 3, 2023Multi-Day Time Lapse Shows Storms Push across South, Midwest and Northeast
March 31, 2023Severe Storm Produces Damaging Tornado in Little Rock, Arkansas
March 30, 2023Large Plume of Dust Ejecting off the Western Coast of Africa
March 29, 2023Beautiful Lake Effect Flow on Lake Superior
March 28, 2023Stunning View of Bomb Cyclone Approaching West Coast
March 27, 2023System Swirls over North Pacific, Set to Bring Heavy Snow and Rain to Western United States
March 25, 2023Storm Produces Destructive Tornado across Southern United States
March 24, 2023Severe Storms Track over Oklahoma
March 23, 2023Spectacular Imagery of Dust Entrained in Low Pressure System over Northern China
March 21, 2023Incredible View of Mid-Latitude Cyclone Coming Ashore in Bay Area
March 20, 2023Midwest Snow Streaks Fade in Mid-March Sun
March 17, 2023Beautiful View of Snow Pack in California and Nevada
March 16, 2023Severe Storms March across Oklahoma and Texas
March 15, 2023Sunrise on a Diminishing Nor’easter
March 15, 2023Nor’easter Develops Impressive Look off Northeast Coast
March 14, 2023Lightning within Developing Nor’easter Exiting North Carolina Coast
March 13, 2023The Beginnings of the Upcoming Nor’easter
March 12, 2023Cyclone Freddy Makes Second Landfall in Mozambique
March 10, 2023Atmospheric River Arrives in Western U.S.
March 9, 2023Next West Coast System Takes Shape
March 8, 2023Cold Front Sweeps Across North Atlantic
March 7, 2023Clouds Clear Revealing Fading Snow in Northeast
March 6, 2023After Dissipating, Cyclone Freddy Reforms
March 3, 2023Tropical Cyclone Kevin Strengthens in South Pacific
March 3, 2023Severe Storm Drops Large Hail in Southern Texas
March 1, 2023Judy Batter the Islands of Vanuatu as a Powerful Cyclone
February 28, 2023Powerful Storm System Races Across Country
February 27, 2023Broad Dust Plume Kicks Up Behind Cold Front
February 25, 2023Storm System Brings Heavy Rain and Snow to California
February 24, 2023Cyclone Freddy Makes Landfall in Mozambique
February 23, 2023Large Dust Plume Sweeps over Texas
February 22, 2023Powerful Winter Storm Takes Shape Across Central U.S.
February 21, 2023High Clouds Pass over Snow-Packed Sierra Nevada
February 17, 2023Low Skirts North of Hawaii, Heavy Rain Hits Islands
February 16, 2023Tornadic Storms Trek Across U.S. Deep South
February 16, 2023Broad Area of Dust Stretches Across Texas
February 14, 2023Impressive Dust Storm Sweeps Across Texas and Oklahoma
February 13, 2023Expansive Offshore Flow Along East Coast
February 10, 2023Narrow but Prominent Snow Band Stretches from Wisconsin to Missouri
February 9, 2023A Twenty Four Hour Time Lapse of Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle
February 8, 2023Tropical Cyclones Freddy and Gabrielle Simultaneously Swirling near Australia
February 7, 2023Marvelous View of East Coast Offshore Flow and Drifting Low
February 6, 2023Smoke Fills the Skies of Chile as Wildfires Persist
February 2, 2023von Karman Vortex Street Slithers off the Cape Verde Islands
February 1, 2023Fair Weather Cumulus Forming over Florida
February 1, 2023Wintry Scene Across the Great Lakes
January 30, 2023Lake Effect Clouds Flow off of Lake Superior
January 26, 2023Fall Streak Holes Form Over Southeast United States
January 25, 2023Snow in Texas Panhandle Peeking through Lingering Clouds
January 25, 2023Severe and Tornadic Storms Hit Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast
January 23, 2023Healthy Snow Pack in Western United States
January 19, 2023New Snow Across Plains After Latest Winter Storm
January 19, 2023Winter Storm Brings Impacts from Rockies to Midwest
January 14, 2023Beautiful Stratocumulus Flow in Gulf of Mexico
January 6, 2023Evolution of ‘Bomb Cyclone’ over North Pacific
January 4, 2023Powerful Storm System Approaches the U.S. West Coast
December 20, 2022Darian Churns as a Powerful Cyclone in Indian Ocean
December 19, 2022Kona Low Brings Severe Weather to Hawaii
December 15, 2022Twin Low Pressure Systems Swirl over North America and North Atlantic
December 14, 2022Tornadic Storms Track Across Deep South
December 13, 2022Mid-Latitude Cyclone Brings Snow to Plains, Storms to South
December 12, 2022Northern Mexico Dust Kicks Up into West Texas
December 9, 2022Heat Signature Illuminates Mauna Loa’s Lava
December 8, 2022Beautiful Gravity Wave Display over the Northeast U.S.
December 7, 2022Mauna Loa’s Eruption Continues
December 6, 2022Invest 99L Swirls in the North Atlantic
December 5, 2022Dust Storm Sweep Across Colorado and Kansas Plains
December 2, 2022Broad Snow Swath Stretches from Colorado to Wisconsin
December 1, 2022High Resolution View of Mauna Loa Erupting
November 30, 2022Line of Severe Storms Sweep Across Southern U.S.
November 28, 2022Lava Flow Detected After Mauna Loa Erupts
November 22, 2022Low Pressure System Strengthens in Northwest Pacific
November 21, 2022Beautiful Gravity Waves over Lake Superior
November 18, 2022Prolific Thundersnow Near Buffalo, NY
November 17, 2022Denali’s Shadow Shifts in the Low November Sun
November 16, 2022Artemis-I Launches from Cape Canaveral
November 15, 2022Oklahoma and Kansas Snow Fades Quickly in November Sun
November 14, 2022Marvelous Morning Gravity Waves over New England
November 11, 2022JPSS-2 Launches from Vandenberg Space Force Base
November 10, 2022Hurricane Nicole Landfalls South of Vero Beach, Florida
November 7, 202298L Organizes North of the Caribbean
November 3, 2022Hurricane Lisa Makes Landfall in Belize
November 2, 2022Sediment and Oil Rig Plumes off the Coast of Campeche
November 1, 2022Convection and Lightning within Tropical Storm Lisa
October 27, 2022Tropical Storm Nalgae Strengthens as it Approaches the Philippines
October 26, 2022Low Level Vortex Swirls in North Atlantic
October 25, 2022Dust Kicks Up from Copper River Delta in Alaska
October 24, 2022Dust and Smoke Sweep Across the U.S. Central Plains
October 23, 2022Roslyn Becomes Powerful Category Four Hurricane in Eastern Pacific
October 21, 2022Narrow “M-Shaped” Snow Band Shines in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
October 20, 2022Smoke Persists, Brings Terrible Air Quality to Pacific Northwest
October 19, 2022Impressive View of Low Pressure System in the Gulf of Alaska
October 18, 2022Simultaneous Volcanic Eruptions on the Kuril Island Chain
October 17, 2022Pacific Northwest Fires Fill the Skies with Smoke
October 14, 2022Tropical Storm Karl Approaches Landfall in Mexico
October 13, 2022Beautiful Rows of Cumulus over Midwest U.S.
October 12, 2022Salt-Dust Plumes in Southwestern Saskatchewan
October 11, 2022Gorgeous Fall Colors Across Northeast U.S. and Southern Quebec/Ontario
October 10, 2022Subtropical Low Swirls over Northeast Pacific
October 9, 2022Hurricane Julia Makes Landfall in Nicaragua
October 6, 2022Large Dust Plume Ejects off of Sahara
October 5, 2022Thirty-Second Imagery of NASA’s Crew-5 Mission Launch
October 3, 2022Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall Near Georgetown, South Carolina
September 30, 2022Hurricane Ian Approaches South Carolina and Second U.S. Landfall
September 29, 2022Ian Regains Hurricane Strength
September 28, 2022Extraordinary Amount of Lightning Surrounding Hurricane Ian’s Eye (bonus)
September 28, 2022Hurricane Ian Landfalls in Florida
September 27, 2022The Lightning within Hurricane Ian as it Treks over Gulf of Mexico
September 26, 2022Hurricane Ian’s Explosive Development Into A Major Hurricane
September 24, 2022Tropical Storm Ian Slowly Organizing

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