Tropical Storm Fred

Tropical Storm Fred

Tropical Storm Fred formed early on August 11th, 50 miles south of Puerto Rico. Shortly thereafter Fred made landfall near San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic ushering in devastating flooding rains and damaging winds. Local media reported that Fred left 400,000 people without power and a half a million people without access to water.

Tropical Storm Fred continued its journey across the Caribbean, skirting across northern Cuba, eventually reaching the Gulf of Mexico. Fred went on to landfall on the Florida Panhandle on August 16th, with sustained winds of 65 mph. Upon landfall, Fred brought storm surge of 2 to 4 feet and tropical storm force winds to the Florida Gulf Coast.

As Fred pushed across the entire East Coast, torrential rains followed. The worst of the flooding occurred in the mountains of North Carolina where over 20 inches fell. Fred was also responsible for 31 tornadoes that were spread out across the Southeast and Northeast U.S. In the United States, six deaths and an estimated 1.3 billion dollars of damage were attributed to Tropical Storm Fred.

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