Tropical Storm Bill

On June 14th, Tropical Storm Bill formed off the coast of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coast.

Originally Tropical Depression Two, the system developed along the remnants of a cold front. The depression was upgraded to Tropical Storm Bill after the National Hurricane Center found deep convection northeast of the storm’s center. Bill peaked in strength the next day with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph.

On June 15th, Bil weakened quickly as it trekked to the northeast, encountering unfavorable conditions. Bill became extratropical later that evening, dissipating entirely the next day.

The full report of Tropical Storm Bill can be found via the National Hurricane Center.

Contributions by: Dakota Smith

Satellite imagery of this event:

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Tropical Storm Bill’s Evolution over the North Atlantic


A follow-along animation of Tropical Storm Bill’s formation and evolution off the Eastern U.S. Seaboard.

Phenomena: Tropical Cyclones

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: GeoColor

Instrument: ABI

Tropical Depression Two Moves Northeast off North Carolina Coast


Tropical Depression Two moves to the northeast just off the North Carolina coast.

Phenomena: Tropical Cyclones

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: GeoColor GLM Group Energy Density

Instrument: ABI GLM