North Platte Grass Fire

A grass fire near North Platte, Nebraska burnt over 70,000 acres in a single day.

The fire was started by a spark from a lawnmower and was reported on Monday, Feb. 26. Excessive winds throughout Nebraska upwards of 40 mph caused the fire to spread rapidly.

The fire burned over 71,000 acres within the first day. As of Tuesday, Feb. 27 midday, the fire was 70% contained.

No injuries were reported but several buildings were destroyed by the blaze. Nebraska was placed under a state of emergency to contain the blaze.

Contributions by: Kim Erickson, Josh Reiter and Dakota Smith

Satellite imagery of this event:

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High-Res View of Nebraska Wildfire From Polar-Orbiting Satellites


Polar-orbiting satellites captured high-resolution views of the fire in Nebraska as it was growing under windy and dry conditions.

Phenomena: Wildfires Smoke

Satellite: NOAA-20 S-NPP

Product: Fire Temperature GeoColor

Instrument: VIIRS

Remarkable View of Rapidly Growing Wildfire in Nebraska


This high resolution view shows a rapidly growing grass fire near North Platte, Nebraska.

Phenomena: Wildfires Pyrocumulus Smoke

Satellite: GOES-18

Product: GeoColor

Instrument: ABI

Wildfire Burns Near North Platte, Nebraska

Phenomena: Wildfires

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: Fire Temperature GeoColor

Instrument: ABI

High-Res View of Burn Scar and Smoke


A grass fire in Nebraska tore rapidly eastward near North Platte. TrueColor imagery shows the extent of the ground burned and the billowing smoke.

Phenomena: Wildfires Burn Scars Smoke

Satellite: S-NPP

Product: True Color RGB

Instrument: VIIRS