Super Typhoon Doksuri

Doksuri was a powerful typhoon that made landfall in China and in the Philippines.

Doksuri slammed the Philippines for a week, causing prolonged flooding and collapsed trees. The storm has killed 38 people in the Philippines, 28 of those being on a passenger boat that capsized due to the storm.

20 people went missing in the Philippines, including four Coast Guard rescue members whose boat also capsized due to rough waves.

Doksuri made landfall in China’s Fujian providence, where 416,000 were evacuated.

By the time Doksuri made landfall, wind speeds measured at 108 mph. In Taiwan, Doksuri caused heavy rainfall, but the impact largely passed as the storm moved towards China.

Doksuri has already caused a converted $7.3 million dollars in damages.

Satellite imagery of this event:

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Contributions by: Dakota Smith


A sunrise-to-sunset view of Super Typhoon’s Doksuri’s impressive eye.

Satellite: Himawari-9

Product: Visible (band 3)

Timespan: 07/24/2023 22:02 - 07/25/2023 09:59 UTC


A multi-day time lapse shows Super Typhoon Doksuri approaching the Philippines.

Satellite: Himawari-9

Product: GeoColor

Timespan: 07/23/2023 13:10 - 07/25/2023 13:20 UTC