Hurricane Bonnie

Bonnie formed on July 1st, 2022 as a tropical storm east of Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea. Shortly after forming, Tropical Storm Bonnie made landfall along the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph. Bonnie forced 3,500 residents to evacuate in Costa Rica due to flooding and landslides.

Bonnie maintained as a tropical cyclone after passing over land and re-entering open waters in the Eastern Pacific. Bonnie quickly began strengthening as it traveled west-northwest, becoming a hurricane on July 3rd. Bonnie reached its highest intensity on July 5th, as a category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph. 

Bonnie continued drifting westward across the Eastern Pacific, eventually over cooler waters. Cooler seawater and higher wind shear caused Bonnie to weaken. On July 8th, Bonnie lost its hurricane status and on July 9th it was designated a post-tropical cyclone.

Contributions by: Dakota Smith

Satellite imagery of this event:

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Hurricane Bonnie Strengthens to Category 2


Hurricane Bonnie strengthens to a category 2 in the Eastern Pacific.

Phenomena: Tropical Cyclones Hurricanes

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: Visible (band 2)

Instrument: ABI

Tropical Storm Bonnie Forms


Tropical Storm Bonnie forms in the southern Caribbean Sea.

Phenomena: Tropical Cyclones

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: GLM Group Energy Density Visible (band 2)

Instrument: ABI GLM

- July 1, 2022

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