Tropical Storm Mindy

Tropical Storm Mindy was a short tropical storm that directly impacted St. Vincent Island and the Florida Panhandle on September 9, 2021. Following progression over the southeastern United States, Mindy became a post-tropical cyclone and merged with a frontal zone to dissipate.

Mindy formed from a tropical wave off the coast of Africa on August 22. The most significant damage from Mindy left 10,000 people in the Tallahassee, Florida region without power. Downed trees caused damage to some structures in Tallahassee, and closed several roads as well. Storm surge peaked at 1-2 feet, and 5.60 inches of rain was the maximum recorded in Beverly Hills, Florida. One brief tornado was reported in rural Waluka County, Florida, but caused only minor tree damage.

The full report of Tropical Storm Mindy can be found via the National Hurricane Center.

Contributions by: Dakota Smith and Allie Seibel

Satellite imagery of this event:

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Mindy Approaches Gulf Coast


A disorganized Tropical Storm Mindy approaches the Gulf Coast.

Phenomena: Tropical Cyclones

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: GLM Group Energy Density Visible (band 2)

Instrument: ABI GLM