Late March Severe Weather Outbreak

Late March Severe Weather Outbreak

At least 27 tornadoes were reported across Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and Georgia from March 24-26. At least 10 tornadoes touched down in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee on the night of March 24.

The strongest storm in Mississippi touched down in Rolling Fork on March 24. At least 22 deaths have been attributed to the tornado after it was on the ground for 70 miles over 59 minutes.

On the Enhanced Fujita scale, the Rolling Fork storm was given a score of EF4, which is a mark of a severe and dangerous storm.

The strongest tornado in Georgia touched down on March 26, south of LaGrange. More than 100 homes were damaged, with three injuries being reported.

For more information and forecasts, visit the Storm Prediction Center.

Contributions by: Dakota Smith

Satellite imagery of this event:

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