Tennessee Tornadoes

On December 9, 2023, several destructive tornadoes marched through Tennessee.

Places in Middle Tennessee, like Clarksville and the Nashville metro, were hit the hardest.

Contributions by: Dakota Smith and Josh Reiter

Satellite imagery of this event:

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Storm System Brings Impactful Weather From the South to New England


This multi-day time lapse shows a potent storm system bringing impactful weather from the Southern US to New England.

Phenomena: Mid-latitude Cyclones Thunderstorms

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: Airmass (EUMETSAT) GLM Group Energy Density

Instrument: ABI GLM

Severe Storms Parade Across Eastern US


Severe storms advance eastward as captured by polar orbiting satellites over a period of 24 hours.

Phenomena: Thunderstorms Wind

Satellite: NOAA-20 NOAA-21 S-NPP

Product: Day/Night Band Infrared (band I5)

Instrument: VIIRS

Destructive Tornadoes Trek Through Tennessee


Multiple destructive tornadoes march through central Tennessee.

Phenomena: Thunderstorms Tornadoes

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: GeoColor GLM Group Energy Density

Instrument: ABI GLM

Severe and Tornadic Storms Move Into Ohio River Valley


Severe and tornadic storms march into the Ohio River Valley.

Phenomena: Thunderstorms Hail Tornadoes Wind

Satellite: GOES-16

Product: GLM Group Energy Density Visible (band 2)

Instrument: ABI