Storm Daniel

Storm Daniel

Storm Daniel was a medicane, a rare tropical-cyclone-like storm in the Mediterranean Sea.

Daniel brought record breaking flooding to Greece and Libya, the latter of which lead to the deaths of thousands of people.

Contributions by: Dakota Smith

Satellite imagery of this event:

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Before And After of Storm Daniel in Libya


This before and after shows the effects of flooding that Daniel imparted on the North African country of Libya. Thousands of people were presumed to have died as a result of the devastating floods.

Satellite: NOAA-21

Product: Day Land Cloud

Instrument: VIIRS

Storm Daniel on September 11 Over Libya


Storm Daniel over Libya on September 11, as seen by polar-orbiting satellites. Large amounts of dust can be seen around the storm.

Satellite: NOAA-20 NOAA-21 S-NPP

Product: True Color RGB

Instrument: VIIRS

Storm Daniel Makes Devastating Landfall in Libya


This timelapse shows Daniel’s approach and landfall in Libya, which lead to catastrophic damage.

Satellite: Meteosat-10

Product: GeoColor